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Closets are great because you can shove all of your junk in them, shut the door, and it’s like that junk doesn’t even exist. Except it does and, eventually, your closets will overflow. If it’s time to declutter your closet so you can actually find stuff to wear, we’ve got you covered.


The Handbag holder is perfect for storing all your handbags, bags, purses, hats and scarfs. Clutter-no-more! Find your belts, bags, and hats where they belong and enjoy your new closet organizer system.


No assembly, the over the door organizer comes with hooks and attaches easily. Your closet organization can start immediately.


The purse storage straps have 8 hooks each and are adjustable to accommodate larger bags and holds up to 8 LBS bags. Door organizers generally can be bulky but the Jokari is best to keep your closets spacious and comfortable to move in. Excellent for small closets as well.


  • Material: Nylon and stainless steel hooks
  • Size: 82in*.9in
  • Color: orange, black

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